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Arctic Experience

My name is Saija Keskitalo. Together with my Finnhorses, Vili and Poika, I want to give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature in Lapland. I have lived in, and explored, this natural wilderness since I was a little girl. During your visit you may also meet my dog, a reindeer herder named Halle.

Our location is a very peaceful and quiet village of Vuontisjärvi in Enontekiö, about 15 km East of Hetta. We live with our horses in the same village where in the old days my grandparents had a horse for agricultural and forestry work. The bell, which my grandfather once used with his horse, still jingles on our harness today.

I started horse riding in my twenties while I was working elsewhere in Finland. Later I decided to return and settle in Enontekiö and offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience this natural wilderness. I studied to become a nature guide and instructor with horses.


My studies included: operating in a sustainable way; leading and guiding groups with horses; horse care and welfare; horse riding and carriage driving; leading multi-day riding tours; producing well-being with horses; and business planning.

The values and priorities which guide my work are: safety; the happiness
of the horses; and the preservation of our culture and the natural
environment. Based on these principles, it is my pleasure to offer you the
opportunity to experience the unique and beautiful nature of Lapland.

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