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Aurora Photography and Snowshoeing in the Wilderness


Child (12)

85 € 45 €

2 h

Starting point: Hetta

Contact us
+35840 759 7906

We will take a sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile into the wilderness to open area, where is not a single artificial light around, only nature and where the sky is wide. You can take photos in complete peace with your own equipment. If you wish, I can take photos and share the photos I took with you later. Lets also snowshoeing in the wilderness under the night sky of Lapland.

Duration of the program 2 h

The starting point is Hetta, your  accommodation

Difficulty   Easy


  • a transport from Hetta to Vuontisjärvi

  • sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile

  • a helmet

  • snowshoeing

  • hot drink and cookies

  • a transport back to Heta


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes



Group size: min 2 person - max 10 persons

close relative adult with a child (12)

The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon, their appearance cannot be guaranteed

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