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Autumn Aurora

Arctic Nature

The Northern Lights

Autumn and spring are the most active Northern Light seasons. We might see the Northern Lights playing in the sky already at the end of August.  There is no any light pollution around glamping. Enontekiö is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, because our location is far North. If the sky is cloudless, it is likely to see the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are natural phenomenon, their appearance cannot be guaranteed. 


When summer turns to autumn, the amazing colors of the fall surround us. The best autumn colors are around the first two or three weeks of September. We are able to see autumn colors on the ground for a long time in autumn. Just before the snow, the frost turns nature into beautiful white if we're lucky. We usually have snow from the middle to the end of October. In November you will probably enjoy snow. Autumn varies year to year. Glamping is easier in autumn without extreme winter conditions and even better chance to see the Northern Lights. We can explore the colorful open tundra on a walk tour or the Northern Lights reflecting from the surface of the lake during canoeing tour. 


Local culture

Autumn in great time to learn about the local culture. Our life goes strongly according to the cycle of the year and the seasons. Living alongside with nature and feeding ourselves what it has to offer is part of our culture. In autumn you can pick wild berries, mushrooms and herbs with a local guide or we might catch a fish. Later in the evening we can enjoy dinner made from the delicacies that nature offered us earlier, under the Northern Lights, if we are lucky. 


  • tour for picking wild berries, herbs and mushrooms

  • Reindeer Farm visit

  • Walk Tour to the Tundra

  • Fat Bike Through a Village

  • Canoeing surrounded by the Northern Lights

  • Local Delicacies under the Northern Lights


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