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Mystic River and Mystery of the Missing Lake


Child (12)

65 € 35 €

2 h

Starting point: Hetta

Contact us
35840 759 7906

We will take a sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile and visit a beautiful place in a snowy forest close to a river, where the river remains partly open all winter, because white water. We will hear the river flowing and in cold weather steam rises from the water. Later we will go for snowshoeing in our beautiful small village with it unique scenery. I will tell you about our way of life here in these small villages surrounded by wilderness, how we live alongside nature and what happened to the lake. 

Duration of the program 2 h

Starting point: Hetta, your accommodation

Difficulty   Easy



  • a transport from Hetta to Vuontisjärvi and back to Hetta

  • a sleigh ride pulled by a snowmobile

  • a helmet

  • snowshoes and poles

  • a local guide

  • hot drink and cookies


  • winter clothing and winter shoes


Group size: min 2 person - max 6 persons 

close relative adult with a child (12)

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