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Sleigh Ride Through Snowy Forest


Child (12)

85 € 50 €

1 - 2 h

Starting point: Hetta

Contact us 
+35840 759 7906

Experience the beauty and the silence of nature in Lapland by sitting in the sleigh pulled by a horse along snowy forest paths. A great way to experience the nature of Lapland.

Duration of the program 1-2 h

Starting point is Hetta, your accommodation

Difficulty   Easy


  • a transport from Hetta to Vuontisjärvi

  • a short presentation of the finnhorse and the traditional working harness

  • a sleigh ride pulled by a finnhorse


    a transport back to Hetta


  • warm winter clothing and winter shoes

Group size: min 2 person - max 4-6 persons 

close relative adult with a child (12)

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