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Customized Excursions

We are happy to arrange a customized excursion according to your wishes

Saija makes everything possible. You can state your wish and she can tell you if she can realize it. Being out on a trip with her is highly recommendable. 

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Slow travel activities in the arctic wilderness.
Enjoy the nature in Lapland away from the crowds.

Let us know your wishes

In the winter...

snowmobile safari
wilderness excursions
ice fishing
visit Santa
visit reindeer farm
aurora tours
local food by open fire
visit reindeer in the wilderness
multi-day tour in the bunker tent

In the summer...

Exploring the national park
mountain bike tour
visit reindeer farm
local food by open fire
multi-day canoeing trip

hiking without backpack
multi-day tour in the bunker tent

Contact us 
+35840 759 7906

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